Family-Friendly Fishing


You will be guided on how to tempt the species using biodegradable soft lures by mimicking movements of bait fish with rod and line. This session allows you to experience how to correctly land, handle and release fish back safely after a quick photograph.

The best way to get up close and personal with some of our favourite Saltwater fish species as a family whilst indulging in the achievement of landing and releasing one safely. Join us every Saturday morning for a lot of fun with the whole family!

Location:  Banting, Selangor (1 hour from K.L City)

Species:  The acrobatic Barramundi, Lazy Grouper, Speedy Red Drum, Powerful Giant Trevally (Size range 1 – 5 kilograms)

The Family-Friendly Fishing trip is suitable for children aged 4 and up . Fishing duration is for 2 hours. All fish caught MUST be released. Fishing session is conducted on Saturday Morning only.



Saltwater Live Bait

Unlike artificial lures, the use of live prawns or cut fish as bait brings us back to one of the most authentic methods of fishing. Through this trip we introduce the concept of sustainable fishing; catching only what is needed. In a well stocked saltwater fish farm, the adrenaline of an easy catch is controlled by the “pay for what you catch” concept whilst working around a budget you are comfortable with. Not a fan of fish for dinner? – On this quick and easy trip, you have the option of donating your catch to charity; one of your choice or from our choice of charity homes. A relaxing, quick and rewarding trip.

Location:  Banting, Selangor (1 hour from K.L City)

Species:    Barramundi, Grouper, Snapper  (Size range 1 – 7 kilograms)

The Saltwater Live Bait trip is suitable for children aged 4 and up. All fish caught MUST be purchased. Fish caught are charged per kilogram depending on species; price range from RM17 – RM30 per kilogram. Contact us to know more about the concept of this tour.

Tours are conducted on weekends only.


Giant Grouper Catch & Release

A species that is quickly declining in number at sea, a Sport Fishing pond in Malaysia gives you the opportunity to experience the power of this amazing creature, more than just an adrenaline pumping battle, the Giant Groupers are well taken care of alongside strict regulations for anglers to adhere by. We seize the chance to get close to, touch, understand and appreciate the efforts of saving this gentle giants in the wild. This is the only Giant Grouper Sport Fishing experience in South East Asia which could land you sizes of 100 kilograms and above.

  Journey:   1 hour from K.L City

  Pick- up:  7 a.m (within K.L City)

 Species:    Giant Grouper

(Size range 30 – 140     kilograms)

Advance booking is required and subjected to availability. The Giant Grouper Catch & Release trip is suitable for ages 18 and up. Fishing duration for the Giant Grouper experience is ONE hour only. All fish caught MUST be released. Tours are conducted on weekends only.


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