The Milkfish Lady, an identity given to me by a professional fly fisherman in Malaysia from watching my unexpected Milkfish catch on YouTube. My name is Shamin, originally from Singapore, I now live in Kuala Lumpur with my husband Naweshad, who got me hooked on Fishing. Since my first attempt that landed me a tiny Toadfish, I haven’t stopped at the sport (and Art) of Fishing. Now, with research and what little experience I have in this sport, I decided to share our fishing experience, lessons and guidelines to hopefully ease the struggle of beginners trying to get into the sport as well as the hits and misses of various Fishing spots .

Over the years, I learned that there was so much more to fishing than just a rod, line and hook. Fishing is life changing. Just when you thought you know it all about fishing, the marine life proves you wrong. Thus, we are constantly trying to outsmart different fish species, understanding their feeding habits, habitat and learning how to handle each and every one of them with love, be it for our own survival or the more preferred Catch & Release.

I saw the benefit fishing had for our children; developing hand-eye coordination, focus, patience and confidence. Only an angler can tell you that the adrenaline and satisfaction in catching a fish is unlike any other. A sport that connects you with nature makes you feel all the more special. The joy we see when a child catches his first fish and gradually gets better at the sport, gaining independence in the art of assembling his/her own terminal tackle is surely a proud moment for any parent.

What we do as a husband and wife team is family friendly, we take anyone interested out fishing every weekend including young anglers, all of whom has since developed a healthy addiction to the sport, joining us today as fellow angling friends instead. Whether a one time activity to try out something new in Malaysia or a genuine interest to take up the sport, we try our best to make your fishing adventure in Malaysia a memorable good time.

Don’t take our word for it of course, have a look at our testimonials and if you would like to experience Malaysia like you never did before; take your family and fish with us!

For the love of Uni-Knots,

The Milkfish Lady