Sustainable Canned Seafood (Stock-up Sustainably!)

Trending online are the following hashtags: #panicbuying #lockdown #stayathome #covid19. Focusing on our safety, surviving this together and as we find our new normal in this circumstance, let us take a moment to discuss what is still important... the food we eat to get us through this tough time. Whilst we try our best to … Continue reading Sustainable Canned Seafood (Stock-up Sustainably!)

Maldives: Swell day Tuna Fishing!

When the topic is Maldives, thoughts that come to mind are; Sun, Sand & Sea, Paradise on Earth or even Island Luxury. When someone says Maldives to me however, I think of Katsuwonus Pelamis. What on earth is that you ask? It is the fast swimming pelagic we all know as Skipjack Tuna. Stunning, powerful and … Continue reading Maldives: Swell day Tuna Fishing!