Peacock Bass Pond, Semenyih

We were driving down a narrow dirt road flanked by dense greenery on both sides, smiling,  somehow we could tell that an adventure was about to unfold. More than fishing for Peacock Bass, we were excited about the concept of this brand new pond - it was a little tough to grasp therefore experiencing it … Continue reading Peacock Bass Pond, Semenyih

Fishermen & Friends at Saujana D’Rimba

After such a productive day fishing in D'Rimba the first time, we had to do it again! We don't usually get a lot of confidence from a pond to invite friends to try them out with us, Jugra as well as Saujana D'Rimba are two very impressive ponds that we feel are suitable for newbies … Continue reading Fishermen & Friends at Saujana D’Rimba