Pulau Angsa – Deep Sea Fishing

Pulau Angsa
Pulau Angsa

There was one problem with our Port Dickson trip, we came back knackered! Though we stayed for two nights, the drive to and from Port Dickson was not helping with the rest required before and after a fishing trip. When the feel for deep sea fishing hit us again, we figured, a destination closer to Kuala Lumpur and a trip that doesn’t require us to stay the night would be ideal.

During our research, a lighthouse chalet on an island known as Pulau Angsa caught our attention. We were not keen to fish from the chalet itself as reviews showed that the species and population of fishes around the island is scarce. As a matter of fact, videos and reviews online proved that fishing in general around the area was more fruitful 3-5 years ago. Nonetheless, fishes like the Fourfinger Threadfin, Spanish Mackerel, Golden Snapper as well as Stingrays above 20 lbs. are known to lurk beneath.

Armed with our deep sea gears,as well as our Shakespeare EZ Cast & Banax Vesta Reel to accompany the fun, we headed to Jeram, Selangor to meet with our boatman Ah Long. Ah Long is well known in Jeram, he owns 4 boats, each with an experienced boatman to take anglers out to sea, and like us, to waters surrounding Pulau Angsa.

Being greeted by Ah Long’s friendly smile, he pointed us out to a nearby roadside stall for breakfast and to 7-11 for our boat supplies whilst he heads out to the market for our bait which includes, Squid, Prawns and slices of Indian Mackerel.

We were introduced to our boatman, (whats his name?!), however, we could see that Ah Long had a look of worry on his face but promised that we would come back with fishes. Despite the look, his confidence in us catching fishes made us excited.

On our way out to the island, we saw Garfish jumping out of the water, that has to be a good sign! Arriving right by the island, Pulau Angsa, we saw boats all around with fishermen on the Island as we anchored nearby to begin our adventure. Our boatman, who doesn’t seem to speak at all, sliced up pieces of Indian Mackerel and Squid for us. Once baited, we dropped our heavy weights down to bottom and we wait anxiously for a bite.

I heard a thud behind me, turned and there he was, our silent boatman reeling in a fish with a smile that displayed what little teeth he had left. Up comes a beautiful Golden Snapper, weighing just a little over a pound.

We continued waiting for our bite.

Then another thud.

It was the silent boatman again. This time, a big one.

He fought… and then said “Besar ni!” (It’s a big one!).


More than the fish, we were glad to know he spoke.

Unfortunately, the line snapped- he took to grumbling then back to the silence he started off with.

We asked to move to another spot, preferably one that could break all our silence with a screaming reel. The tide was getting rough, and the boat was not as steady anymore.

…But we were now getting some action at the “new spot”. A few bends of the rod tip and we were all, one after another, fighting a fish… well… I wouldn’t call it fighting but it was definitely some action other than pulling up our weights against the tide.

Voila, we all caught for ourselves the “mighty” (and Tiny) Soldier Croaker.

Naweshad with his Soldier Croaker
Naweshad with his Soldier Croaker

Well, it’s still a fish. One that is said to be delicious deep fried. It was my first, and I cannot help but admire the colours that were glimmering from its scales. A hint of pink, yellow and greens against the sunlight.

As the seas were getting rough and our boat was literally swaying uncontrollably, our footing was off and not worth the fights of just a bunch of Soldier Croakers, we requested to move to another spot.

Off we went to another Island, very small, surrounded by rocks, the boat anchored and we casted. By this time, our boatman was lying flat on his back and snoring, afternoon nap, essential.

Within seconds we all had a bite. This time, it was a little more exciting, something was indeed fighting and we reacted with such excitement that it woke Silent Boatman up- He merely looked at us groggy.

When we saw colour and we could make out its shape, we weren’t exactly as excited anymore. We all caught for ourselves a Hard Headed Catfish- once on board, the dangerous barbs were snipped off with pliers and we went back to fishing again.

This time, the only fish we were all pulling up were Hard Headed Catfish, so much so that our cousins Irfan and RJ were competing to see who could catch more. It was too easy, and soon, it became dull and boring.

Our boatman was sleeping again, the boat was swaying uncontrollably, we were tired and decided to call it a day.

Upon arriving back at the jetty in Jeram, Ah Long greeted us noticing our disappointment. The Silent Boatman was taking out the fishes we caught and laying it at the back of the boat, it was then that we realised how many we caught and despite the quality of fishes, by quantity it proved to be a productive trip. After all, we wanted to catch fishes and that we definitely did. As Ah Long promised, we caught more than we bargained for!

We also found out that our Silent Boatman was new, and to that, Ah Long promised that if we came back, he would pick his best boat man for us. No promises though Ah Long, it could be a long time before we choose to embark on another Soldier Croaker quest.

Total catch for the day, 25 fishes consisting of 10 Soldier Croakers, 14 Hard Headed Catfish and 1 Golden Snapper from the Silent Boatman.

A few of our total catch.
A few of our total catch.

Recent reviews and posts online has shown a positive change in the quality of fishes caught around Pulau Angsa, maybe… just maybe… We might give it another shot.

In the meantime, enjoy the video of our trip.

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