Jugra Fishing Pond

It was the New Years and our angling friends were uploading photos of their first fish of 2014, also known as their “Fishing License” for the year.

We were fishing in the ponds we frequent yet we haven’t got our license just yet. Countless times, friends have asked us if we tried fishing in Jugra, saying there are a few fishing ponds that were quite good however the idea of trying it never crossed our minds at that time.

It wasn’t until the pond we frequent was going through some upgrading works, the desperation of getting our very own fishing license was starting to hit. We met up with Saran, our weekend fishing buddy and we went “pond hopping”, checking out a couple of ponds to see if we should try them out. Whilst I was researching on my phone for options, the Jugra pond kept coming up, with an entrance fee of only RM3 per rod, the boys and myself decided it was time to give this pond a shot.

Approximately an hour away from KL city, we were greeted by beautiful scenery, the traditional village feel of Malaysia was surrounding us and we loved it. One step at the entrance and we notice how much fish was in this pond. People were hauling Barramundi’s onto a weighing scale, the pond had staff ready to clean and cut your fish for you if your choice was to bring it home instead of releasing.

This place was significantly much larger than any of the ponds we have been to thus far. We notice there were a number of ponds within the same area and started asking questions. We found out that in each “pond” are different species of fish and each fish, if not opting for the catch and release option, comes with a price to pay per kilo depending on it’s species. (We will go into the price and options at the end of this post) The fishing pond is in actual fact a fish farm which has allowed the activity of fishing for your dinner instead of buying it from the market.

We picked the pond which we were told had Red Drums, mini GT’s and Mangrove Jacks. The bait provided and we assure is very effective are live Prawns, much smaller than what you get in most saltwater ponds. They were alive and kicking.

My husband, Naweshad, has had a few months of dry spell. Every weekend we were fishing yet he hasn’t manage to catch anything. It’s the new year, therefore, it’s now or never!

We did the usual, bait in water and we were just about to get comfortable when we heard someone’s reel scream. We turned, and Naweshad’s reel was going insane! So did we.

Do you know how it feels like? To have a dry spell for so many months and to finally hear the reel go, it’s music to the ears, it sent our adrenaline sky rocketing. I grabbed my camera, jumped for joy and carefully recorded. I wanted him to land that fish.

And he did.

We were all jumping for joy. Finally, the drought is over. Naweshad got his fishing license, a Mangrove Jack.

This was followed by constant hook-ups, one after the other, and by the 1- hour mark, we already had for ourselves, 6 fishes and blown our budget! Yet we were on a high!

Our first time in Jugra. 2 Mangrove Jacks and 4 Red Drums. Fishing Fun all in just an hour!
Our first time in Jugra. 2 Mangrove Jacks and 4 Red Drums. Fishing Fun all in just an hour!

The Jugra pond has without a doubt, left a positive and infectious impression on us.

It gave us the confidence to open up the sport to friends who have been wanting to try out fishing with us.

On our next trip to Jugra, we had with us, 13 more friends. Beginners in the sport of fishing. All 13 caught more than just one fish.

Friends from all over the world, coming together to fish.
Friends from all over the world, coming together to fish.

THAT is how amazing Jugra is.

It became the pond we frequent every weekend. Having more than one pond to choose from, we were able to plan a budget, decide on a fish species we would like to try out for and know when to stop, satisfied with our catch.

Fishing for beautiful Barramundi’s is the highlight of the pond. The biggest at 1 Kilo with constant catches, so much so, the men would bring their wives and kids to enjoy the weekend of Barramundi fishing. That’s right, to those men who always wanted to bring their wives fishing with them, I suggest Jugra be the place to go. A set of friendly staff, with a selection beverage and snacks, as well as a very well kept pond, your wife and kids will get to enjoy the sport as much as you do.

We have yet to try the the catch and release option in Jugra due to the species offered in those ponds, however, for our readers, click on the highlighted link below for an article from Fishmalaysia to have a better idea of that option, it includes the species of fish as well as cost.

Jugra Catch & Release Article

As you know by now, we try to “document” as much of our fishing trips as we can to share with friends our experience, in hopes it will inspire and encourage more people to try the sport of fishing. Here are the videos of our fishing trip in Jugra, the directions and cost of the various ponds. If you haven’t tried the pond, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

Jugra Cost

Below is the Google Map of Jalan Air Tawar. At the end of this road, take a right turn and make your way straight, you will not miss the pond which is located on the left side. Do take note, at the end of Jalan Air Tawar, there is a left turn to another pond known as the Siakap Gold Fishing Enterprise, this pond has ONLY Barramundis. You could give that a shot if you’d like to.

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