Giant Groupers of LS Fishing Pond

There are many Giant Grouper ponds however none like the LS Fishing Pond (LS) located in Banting, Selangor. Having been around for awhile, the largest Giant Grouper they have weighs in excess of 140kg (308 lbs), but it is more than just the whopping weight of their Groupers that sets them apart as one-of-a-kind in South East Asia; their concept, cleanliness & care of their Groupers plays a big role as well.

Many anglers have yet to try it out, the (supposedly) exorbitant per hour rate of fishing there tends to take the blame. The LS management however are confident of their rates, that when looked into, includes attractive offers depending on number of hours or anglers fishing. The question was, is it worth it?

Only one way to find out!

3rd January 2016

Armed with our best gears, we booked a one hour session with Kumar, the pond’s manager. Greeting us bright and early, his tough demeanour and muscular physique made us wonder  if lifting weights prior would have been a good idea to  prepare us for what we were about to experience.

The ghillies sets up your terminal tackle (compulsory), bait your hooks and even cast our your lines if you wish. With it being a one hour session only, no time was wasted. Bait on Naweshad’s hook was left to float on the water surface whilst the ghillie begins securing the reel handle in place, before he could finish, Naweshad had a take. Line was peeling off his reel as he scrambles to attach the handle. Adrenaline, panic & the uncontrollable need to burst into laughter made it all seem a little tougher. Despite a tight drag, the Grouper managed to strip the line out like butter whilst Naweshad hangs on. We were caught in one of the craziest moments we have ever experienced, all within 10 seconds of the bait hitting (floating on) the water.

My attempt to record the moment was disrupted when I too was on a fish, without realising that my bait was casted out. Speak of efficient! In that one session alone, our backs were aching, we were drenched in sweat, we fought fish for more than 10 minutes each and landed sizes that blew our minds. What we knew about the sport of fishing flew out the pond; excitement morphed us into kids. Technique? What technique!? We were having too much fun battling the giants to focus on that. All we wanted were more giants, more battles and more accomplishments. The experience gave us an achievement that is tough to match let alone beat… in a span of just one hour.

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We then decided that the top five of our Heaviest Fish Competition winners should experience the LS Fishing Pond’s Giant Groupers. We knew that its battle would be a fantastic way to end the very first season of our competition.

Meet our top five anglers, read of their experience then decide if LS Fishing Pond is worth your money. Five anglers, one hour – let the battle begin!

The TML Challenge Season 1, Heaviest Fish Competition, ws held once a month (TML I, II & III) from December 2015 to February 2016 in Rawang’s Natural Exotic Pond.

19th March 2016


Farris Fernandez

TML Challenge II (Season 1) & Overall Heaviest Fish Winner

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Rod: Shakespeare Ugly Stik, 15lb – 25lb, 6’6″

Reel: PENN Squall 15LW

Line: 40lbs Opass Gigafli

Farris put to test his prize from the Overall Heaviest Fish win, the PENN Squall 15LW reel. He paired it with a brand new rod that could take control of the Giant Grouper’s forceful and at times endless runs. He landed the first fish of the trip, which to the anglers experiencing the pond for the first time seemed very large, it fact, it was one of the smaller specimen. For testing out a new gear, the first Grouper was a good warm up. Farris continued to land a total of three Giant Groupers, breaking into a sweat trying to keep calm, however, the intense runs and vibrations sent through the gears from the power of the giants was unavoidable. If anyone looked good in the battle though, it was Farris.

My first tangle with the Giant Grouper got me smiling for days. Amazing fight in a very well kept pond – Farris


Gilbert Chibanda

TML Challenge I (Season 1) Winner – 2nd place

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Rod: Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish, Medium Heavy, 7″

Reel: PENN Pursuit II 5000

Line: 50lb Opass Gigafli

Our team has yet to meet an angler that is more positive in spirit than Gill. He got his hands on a new rod paired with his usual reel. From the first cast, he was kept busy with strong battles. His catches had him hanging on anxiously despite a heavy gear which very easily could have taken control, yet the Giant Groupers were putting up a fight that even had his thighs twitching, or so he said. Gill was sent on a trembling battle with a voracious Grouper at the end of his line, he hung on as the ghillie struggled to assist in landing the giant, which was the largest specimen of our trip. An 80kg Giant that injected an adrenaline into Gill, lasting weeks! Gill was one of the two angler that managed to  land four Giant Groupers on the trip.

The best fight ever… could feel the pain of victory in my arms. Trembling nor sweating could hold be back till’ I proudly landed my Giant Grouper – Gill



TML Challenge Season 1 – 3rd place

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As Darren fishes occasionally, he borrowed a heavy gear from Saran who was also a contestant of the TML Challenge. Looking at Darren’s physique, a lot is required to take him down physically. With a strong built, we saw the first Grouper putting Darren through an intense workout. He hung on with an amazed look plastered on his face and we can’t help but burst into laughter seeing a strong man almost bullied by the runs of the Giant Grouper. Though Darren landed some of the toughest Groupers of the pond, it was his one intense battle, with endless runs and an impossible attempt to reel that broke all our hearts as it snapped his line. With continuous battles around, it took awhile for his lines to be set up again for the next cast, which by then was on a slower window, nearing the end of the session.  How large was the Grouper he lost? We will never know… except that it was “very, very big”.


TML Challenge Season 1 – 4th place

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Rod: Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2, Heavy, 6″

Reel: PENN Pursuit II 5000

Line: 50lbs Opass Gigafli

Jasbir’s luck in the sport of fishing has been questioned a number of times- there are days where he would continuously catch and days where he ends up with nothing at all; such an extreme that one cannot help but notice. With LS Fishing Pond, luck was not in the equation as we know the Groupers will bite. Jasbir caught a total of three Giant Groupers, and all three were the feistiest we have seen. They put up a fight that was straining him, not just in the water but out of it too. Their tail whips on land produced so much force that you could envision your bones breaking by the gust of wind it produced and witnessing the impact. Poor Jasbir had to hang on to them for a photograph! The confidence it built within him was prominent and instant, he continued on to try a lure casting session right after LS and caught two fishes consecutively, effortlessly- for the first time! Sometimes, you need to take a giant step before you truly (gladly) fall victim to the fishing bug- lets hope it’s a giant shift for the better in his fishing luck!


Hariz Azman

TML III (Season 1) Winner – 5th place

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Rod: Genko PE0.8-2, 5’10”

Reel: Daiwa Sweepfire 4000

Line: 50 lbs

Like most of the anglers on this trip, Hariz did his research and was keen to try out the very tiny albeit very strong Genko rod that he recently purchased. The first to land a larger specimen from the pond,  Hariz’s gear sent him on a back and forth battle along the pond to gain control. Pumping the fish was not an option without the rod backbone being strong enough to maintain a firm lift with, despite his luck of constantly getting a bite, the inability to set the hook lost him three possible Giant Groupers. Would that dampen his spirits? Of course not! It may have taken him awhile, but Hariz was one of the two that landed the most  – a total of four Giant Groupers from the pond! In the end, his stance was like that of a warrior that emerged triumphant against an army of tanks, having battled them with only a Kris (traditional Indonesian dagger)

My first experience fighting with almost 100lbs fish! Using this tiny rod make this game more exciting! -Hariz



Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.26.49 pm

The five anglers caught a total of 16 Giant Groupers ranging from 30-80kg… in just ONE hour. LS Fishing Pond has worked out a number of great deals to make the fishing experience affordable for a bigger group to fish. They stay true to their promise however highlight that anglers try their best to adhere to the pond regulations.

We were worried if having all five anglers fish together could spell a disaster, instead it worked out rather well with everyone experiencing the excitement together. Let us not start with the endless screaming reels. If that is music to your ears, then we experienced the symphony orchestra of reels in LS.

Five anglers landing 16 Groupers within the hour proves that the team in LS pond’s management know what they’re talking about. Their confidence will ensure that your money is well spent. Fighting the Groupers require a lot of energy, boosts confidence, ignites adrenaline and provides you with a sense of achievement that lasts for weeks! Not forgetting the stories to share with your friends, priceless. With a pond that guarantees you catches in an hour, the hour is then all you need.

What are you waiting for? Book a slot, grab you gears and land yourself a Giant! Good luck!


Watch them battle it out at LS Fishing Pond!




LS Fishing Pond (Catch & Release)


Deposit: RM50 – RM100

1 Rod (shared by two anglers) : RM180 /hour

1 Rod: RM150 /hour

2-4 Rods: RM120 /hour

5 Rods & Above: RM100 /hour

Bait: RM 1- RM 2  (Only bait from LS Pond is allowed)

Book 2 hours and get 30 minutes extra for free!

If you are unable to catch fish within an hour, the time will be extended for free until you catch one.

Terminal Tackle (Leader line, hooks) are provided by the pond for free

Bring only your gear into the pond, no other tackle is allowed inside.

No outside food & drinks are allowed

Booking must be made in advance. You may do so by contacting

Kumar: 017-777-0186 / 012-777-3372

CK: 012-323-6767 / 016-676-7966

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