Suitable for children aged 9 to 16, our Holiday Day-Camp is a complete Sport Fishing Training session starting with Barramundi from a Fishing Pond on our Beginner session and ends with a Sailfish from a Deep Sea Trip on our Advance session. 

First of its kind in Asia, our complete training session imparts knowledge and ethical angling skills, from understanding fishing gear, reading water and weather to the difference of fishing for Saltwater and Freshwater fish, our young anglers come out of our sessions ready to continue the sport and make a difference. 

Adhering to regulations set forth by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), your child will be ready to attempt a world record if they are keen. A sport that takes children outdoors, away from their gadgets, honing hand-eye coordination, focus, patience and problem solving skills; fill up the form below if you are keen to sign your child up on our next holiday session.

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