And so it begins…

I could start this post with quotes on falling in love and how it makes us do things in our life we never thought possible but love has taken many forms in my life, and thanks to my husband, Fishing has become another way to love.

As a woman that prides herself in taking chances and like the Vanilla Coke ad, rewards her curiosity, fishing was just an activity I would try out whilst my husband gets busy plotting his methods to get a bite from the unknown out at sea. I started with the basics, like my husband did when he first started, handline fishing, on Bedok Jetty in Singapore.

I casted my line out and before I know it, my entire handline was flying out to sea; a common mistake made by amateurs! Thankfully, a lamp post caught on to a bit of line and there I was, on my first try, sitting on Bedok Jetty trying to “reel” in the mess I made with my bare hands. I looked around and saw many men and women (some children even) jigging for Tamban; it looks easy and effective, every few jigs and up comes 4 to 5 Tambans on the Apollo jig. That was not what we’re after though- Bedok Jetty has a reputation of sizable Queenfish, Mackerel, Stingrays and many more.

As my thoughts drifted to matters unrelated, I kept “reeling”…and suddenly, my line was pulled back… I reeled once more… Again! my line was pulled back, I stood up, looked over the jetty into the waters below, released my grip on the line and very quickly, my line was pulled out of my hands into the water, I felt a few tugs and instantly I knew and exclaimed… “I HAVE A FISH!!”

My husband (then Fiancé) rushed to my side and told me to bring the line up whilst still keeping the tension, I pulled it up excitedly, “I see colour!”, my husband excitedly said. Out it comes, I lay it down on the jetty, it looks ugly… Almost scary… What fish was this? A grouper! That’s it!! It’s smaller than the size of my palm but who gives a poop about that! I can proudly say, my first fish was a Grouper! A species that is widely hunted for out at sea for it’s taste, it’s the dream of almost every angler to have their hands on a Grouper! And I did it!

… Only unfortunately, we soon found out it was not a Grouper but a Toad Fish.

My first fish was a Toad fish, half the size of my already tiny palm.

That tiny Toad fish, so mighty that it sparked a passion for fishing in me. Soon, it will be two years since I started fishing, and in these two years, do I have some stories to share and a lot to say about the art, lifestyle, hobby and science of Fishing, the Fishermen and the Fishes.

Welcome to my blog, a place where the perspective, opinion and experience of a woman is shared about a sport that is widely known in these parts of the world as “the sport for men”.

My very first, A Toad Fish.
My very first, A Toad Fish.

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