Green Paradise Fishing Pond, Rawang

Though my husband has tried fishing in a pond before, this was our first trip to one together, and my first experience in a pond. I was eager to reward my curiosity on what I have heard about fishing in a man-made pond.

Some anglers would snigger at the idea of fishing in a pond. Some do not believe it qualifies as “Fishing” because you’re putting your lines in waters with reared fishes in it. My husband and I however are in love with the concept and idea of pond fishing- having experienced the deep sea action, even if only a few, we know and understand that pond fishing is cost saving and it helps with pacifying the urge to fish when going deep sea is not a pocket or distance friendly option. For us, it is the same thing, you go out to an area with a body of water, you know there are fishes in there, you put your line in but you still don’t know which species will take your line, or if any of it will take your line at all!

After all, having been fishing in the deep sea and trying various ponds over the last year, we have come to realise that some of the best fishermen in the country pacify their urge for line action in ponds too. Therefore on a more personal note, the anglers who snigger at the idea of pond fishing are the people we avoid going out fishing with, because when you love fishing as a whole, regardless of where or when, people with unrealistic preferences can become quite a pain in the coccyx. Fishing is an enjoyable sport shared with good company and no one said that fishing in a pond makes anyone less of an angler. In fact, I have been able to work on my skills and practice different methods and rigs when going pond fishing, meeting people and learning the most on a pond fishing trip.

An impromptu trip with our cousin landed us at the Green Paradise Fishing Pond in Rawang. We do prefer saltwater fishing therefore this was the pond of choice in the wee hours of the night. To our delight, a little coffee shop by the entrance served up some delicious Fried Rice & Noodles, which had us even more geared up to fish. My husband and I would be trying out our bait cast reels for the very first time, with pointers from our cousin, our Shakespeare EZ Cast & Banax Vesta made its first appearance in this pond.

A deposit of RM 60 is required, the pond is charged at RM20 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours fishing. Species of fish includes Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Threadfin Salmon. Effective and recommended bait for this pond are Prawns, dead or alive. Dead prawns would require a lot of casting action, one that changes the prawn into a lure whilst live prawns is a matter of sitting back and waiting for the bite, your preference of method really.

We could not make out the water conditions as much, though well lit, it seemed green under the nigh sky. For a woman, it was a very comfortable atmosphere to fish after midnight, I wasn’t bothered by any dirty areas or put through any discomfort whilst fishing… except for having to try our hands at the bait cast for the first time. Birds nest after birds nest with the braided lines.

Whilst my husband and I were busy unraveling our lines throughout the night, our cousin who was relaxing with a book and his girlfriend in hand managed to catch himself 2 decent sized Barramundis for the trip, with live prawns as bait. We were certain, that had we decided to come with proper gear, we too could land ourselves confidently, a Barramundi each- or so that was the confidence we felt from the pond. All catches for the night were Barramundis and we were not able to spot any other type of fish from others that came and went that night (or shall I say early morning).

On a general note, if not for the distance from KL city, we would’ve gone back to keep trying our luck at the GP Fishing Pond, something we may consider once more soon.

For the short time spent, with the wrong gear, the pond was a positive first experience that opened the doors to the excitement and discovery of more fishing ponds that we have grown to love fishing at, ponds that I shall soon shed light on to share with my fellow anglers.


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