Serdang Sea Fish Fishing Centre, Seri Kembangan

After the positive impression that was left on us from the Green Paradise Fishing Pond experience, we started looking around for more saltwater ponds to try out, preferably one that is closer to KL City.

We soon were acquainted once more with my husband’s colleague named Saran, whom he has fished with a number of times before. Saran introduced us to the Serdang Sea Fish Fishing Centre located in Seri Kembangan, despite being a freshwater angler, Saran was kind enough to participate in our saltwater “pond adventures” (we soon got him hooked!).

Based on first impression, the pond was rather small compared to Green Paradise, however, we could not help but notice that the size of fishes caught and available were impressive. In fact, if you were lucky enough to land yourself a Barramundi weighing 5KG’s and above, you walk away with RM200, so as long as the fish is presented alive and well.

Saran with his Barramundi at the Serdang Pond
Saran with his Barramundi at the Serdang Pond

When we started to frequent the Serdang Pond, the area wasn’t impressive. A little stall selling hot and cold drinks, not a wide variety, insects crawling and chickens roaming around pecking on your tackle box from time to time. Fortunately, with the huge success of the pond thanks to its sizeable Barramundis, the Serdang Sea Fish Fishing Centre soon underwent a facelift. Lo and behold, the pond re-opened to introduce more variety of large fishes, with the area renovated well to accommodate to anglers who wish to relax and fish, insects weren’t bothering as much and the highlight… A stall selling a variety of fried rice and noodles AND some of the most delicious street burgers I’ve tasted thus far.

The roaming chickens
The roaming chickens
Fishing in the rain
Fishing in the rain

Fishing at the Serdang Sea Fish Fishing Centre is now a joy! Drooling for them burgers as I type!

After a year of continuous fishing… and only a toadfish on my caught list, I finally landed my very first Barramundi at the Serdang pond, on my Shakespear EZ cast and Banax Vesta reel. It was the first time that I felt the exhiliration of having a fish fighting at the end of my line, it was then that I truly knew what it feels like to fish!

My first Barramundi
My first Barramundi
1.5 KG's and proud of it!
1.5 KG’s and proud of it!

The pond requires you to adhere to some very strict rules, and they make themselves very clear at the entrance of what you can and cannot do in the Pond. I personally feel that it’s the best way to maintain a good pond, with strict rules, that when followed ensures a fun filled fishing trip.

The bait that is allowed in the pond is strictly Prawns,no lures or live bait fish. They provide live prawns for RM 1 each with a container. Over time, we purchased our own live bait box with a pump to ensure the longevity of our prawns, however, in Serdang, they seem to rear prawns on steroids because those prawns are alive and kicking even after 3 hours of fishing. Strict bait rules and providing kung-fu prawns, I have no complains!

The charges for the pond, we realise, have increased over time, but with quality fishes such as Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Red Drum, Grouper and the occasional “mini” GT, plus the jackpot of RM200 if you catch yourself the “big one”, it wasn’t such a painful increase.

A Mangrove Jack
A Mangrove Jack

Charges for the pond now stands at RM50 for 3 hours, minimum. Extra hours is charged at RM 15/hour.

Information and contact for the pond are as follows.

Serdang Info

5 thoughts on “Serdang Sea Fish Fishing Centre, Seri Kembangan

  1. Hi, tried out the pond on Friday but unfortunately no luck. Was wondering where you got your live bait box with pump as I’ve been looking for one.

    Many thanks in advance.

      1. Many thanks for the prompt reply and well wishes. I too broke my dry spell at Jugra over the weekend. Keep up the good work with the posts. Cheers

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