SHG Fishing Pond, Pandamaran

My duty as the non-working-female-aspiring-angler was to look out for different fishing areas in Malaysia, be it sea or pond. Whilst our frequently visited Serdang Sea Fish Fishing Centre was undergoing a face-lift, we were forced to source for other ponds to try out. We were given a recommendation by a tackle shop we recently discovered through Saran (our freshwater fishing friend) to try out fishing ponds in and around Pandamaran, which is located in the Klang district of the state of Selangor.

I turned to trusty Google to look at our options there, after all, the drive would take us about an hour. I came across a pond, which at that time was known just as “Kolam Pancing Pandamaran”, based on reviews and vague directions online, we made our way towards the Pulau Indah Highway, taking the Pandamaran exit. Once there, we had to ask the locals for directions to the somewhat popular Pandamaran Saltwater pond, which we were told was “under a bridge”. To our surprise, it was only 3 minutes from the exit, how convenient! There were signs everywhere pointing us towards the fishing pond, true enough, we passed under a “bridge”, which is really just a highway, and we were greeted by a large sign that read “Kolam Pancing SHG” (SHG Fishing Pond).

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.56.30 pm

There were ample parking spots but our attention went to a lorry unloading what looked like Groupers weighing more than 10 KGs. We were spot on! The pond was a new concept to us, because there were 4 different types of pond offering different species and sizes of fish each. They all had a different cost, different opening hours and we needed to grasp this concept but at that moment, we were in awe at the sight of the giant Groupers, known locally as Kerapu Naga.

A whopping 16.8 KG's! Picture courtesy of SHG Fishing Pond's FB
A whopping 16.8 KG’s! Picture courtesy of SHG Fishing Pond’s FB

Once done fuelling our excitement and running on full speed of inspiration, we headed to the counter to ask a few questions. We weren’t listening much because our attention was mainly on the many fishermen that came out of each pond with very impressive catches, Groupers ranging from 2 – 5 KGs, along with Barramundis as well as Mangrove Jacks. Nonetheless, we decided to settle for pond No. 2, with the regular variety of Barramundi, Mangrove Jack as well as Groupers, one that was a little easy on the pocket as well. Bait includes live Prawns as well as live bait fish. You could bring in your own dead bait of fish or prawns you prefer however, the general rule of “No Lures” apply.

Picture Courtesy of SHG Fishing Pond's FB
Picture Courtesy of SHG Fishing Pond’s FB

Our choice was of course live prawns, bait out in the water,my husband and I decided to sit back on the comfy plastic chairs with a magazine and some good conversation whilst waiting. It wasn’t long, barely even a minute, before my husband’s rod started bending from a take! He picked his rod up and started reeling his very own Banax Vesta, on the very same Shakespear EZ cast rod, it was a fight… a very tough fight! The fish wasn’t giving up and we were not sure what was putting up such a strong fight at the end of the line, a few minutes after, up came a 2KG Mangrove Jack, feisty even when on land! That fella’ has got quite the array of teeth to show off! My husband’s and our fishing experience first ever Mangrove Jack, my husband was all smiles and that was all it took to pump it up for us even more.

Baits out once more, we sat back, read our magazine and patiently yet quietly excited, waiting for the next bite. It happened… my rod was dragged from its position, almost ready to be pulled into the water, my husband and I had trouble getting off the plastic chairs as quick due to the uneven flooring but once I got a hold of my rod… the fish was gone.

The same scenario took place 3 times, could you imagine the frustration I was facing? My drag setting was right, everything was right… or so it seems, yet I was doing something wrong because I kept loosing the fish. What was going on?!

My husband and Saran had no bites after that. Soon the situation got uncomfortable, with what seems like the arrival of a fishing group (the kind that wear the same t-shirt which has a fishing group name printed on the back, more than 10 members)- they had all the catches for the rest of the day whilst the entire pond, which I must add was at maximum capacity (another uncomfortable factor) was left with nothing, including us. A rather odd situation accompanied with factory fumes that was causing discomfort to our throats, we called it a day, with my husband’s one and only mangrove jack.

The SHG Fishing Pond is a lovely pond to visit if you have a little more cash in hand to experience the larger fishes, this means pond no. 3 and 4. The pond itself has its pool of regular customers which could give you a sense that they rule the area, it is uncomfortable but some are friendly enough to share a tip or two. You will find that once you catch a fish, a guy or two will appear right beside you, invading your position- common in some ponds and this is one of it, but it’s something that is best to get used to and brush aside to keep enjoying the fishing experience.
Do not fish near the toilets because the stench is unbearable. Unless of course, you don’t mind because that is also the spot with the most catches in pond 2. Hah! It can’t be ALL good ALL the time!

I personally am not a fan of the pond, not because I didn’t catch anything, but because the crowd is a little imposing on weekends since the place can accommodate quite a number of people. Alongside the factory fumes (you can purchase a mask), I felt it wasn’t worthy enough to withstand an aching throat for. Far too much discomfort.

However, it is a pond to definitely give at least a try, just because I am not a fan, it doesn’t mean you won’t like it. The SHG pond has a Facebook page with all the information and pictures relating to prices, promotions and events held at the pond, however the information is written in Bahasa Malaysia, therefore I’ve decided to directly translate the information and provide it below.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.06.47 pm

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.15.11 pm

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.19.16 pm

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.23.29 pm

Directions we took marked in Yellow.  Star marks the pond.  Map taken from FB page of SHG Pond.
Directions we took marked in Yellow.
Star marks the pond.
Map taken from FB page of SHG Pond.

If you require more information on the pond, here is a screen capture of their contact information via Facebook. To visit their Facebook page, click here.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 11.55.43 pm

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