Reward: $11,000 for the heaviest fish. Hooked yet? Here’s how you could win!

There are endless reasons why most of us love fishing. According to writer Rob Beattie, some are lured and weakened by the “dark mistress of angling”. In Malaysia however, I am convinced that a number are lured by the “dark mistress of Ka-Ching”! Money, money, money, always sunny, in the angler’s world.

It is always a joy to get paid for doing what you love, however winning money from clinching a giant in a pond is certainly a satisfaction unlike any other. Catching a sizable fish is such a euphoric feeling on it’s own,  what else when money is part of the equation?

I wouldn’t know, I haven’t found myself in the winner’s circle of any fishing competitions, neither have I knowingly participated in any thus far, however, such prizes not only motivate more anglers to participate in fishing and trying out these ponds, it also provides relief for some anglers that win it to fill a need; to provide a little more for their families.

Recently, Hulu Langat Fishing Resort started a league with cash and prizes to be won for 30 of the heaviest fishes. First prize is MYR11,000. The prize presentation for the February league is happening this Saturday, 7th March 2015. With that, the March league has begun.

During the Chinese New Year holidays, Naweshad and myself brought our parents to Hulu Langat for a relaxing day of fishing. Relaxing that is up till’ the Mekong River Catfish, which the pond is known for amongst many other species, starts biting. The action is intense and it sends one’s adrenaline sky rocketing no matter how small the they are. Hulu Langat Fishing Resort is a family friendly game fishing pond and adhering to it’s firm rules is a must. Costly to most anglers, we still highly recommend it, you do get what you pay for. Compared to other fishing ponds in Malaysia, H.L.F.R is hands down the cleanest, most convenient and comfortable. Catch-rate however needs improvement, but catch you definitely will. To know in-depth about this pond, you could take the time to read my entry, Hulu Langat Fishing Resort, our first most explosive trip there.

This time, though the league was ongoing, it was not our target. Catching fish and having a good time with our parents who were experiencing the pond for the first time was our goal. Observing the activities that was going on for the day,  we believe we can help you get closer to your goal (if it is your goal that is) of possibly catching the heaviest fish of H.L.F.R.

Tempting isn't it? Picture taken from Hulu Langat Fishing Resort's Facebook page.
Tempting isn’t it?
Picture taken from Hulu Langat Fishing Resort’s Facebook page.

Step 1: Stop Complaining.

It would be a good time to take all the negativity you have about this pond and chuck it in the flush it bucket. Let’s face it, this is not Bungsamran or another Thai game fishing pond, albeit a similar concept, this is new and it has got a long way to go but it’s getting there so for the love of the Ringgit, let it go. If you could find me another pond that has a clean toilet, friendly staff, ghillies that work on your method mix and cast for you, a restaurant that delivers the meal and drinks to your fishing spot PLUS a list of 30 cash and prizes to be won, then I retract step 1 entirely, but till’ then… You know what to do. Negativity never worked in favor of the angler, or anyone for that matter.

Step 2: Say Goodbye to your Angling Ego. 

So you travelled the world and caught some of the heaviest, and the best species of fishes the world has to offer? You may know what you are doing but no one will know better than the people that work in the pond, run the pond and live right by the pond. The best people to listen to are the H.L.F.R Ghillie.

They have come from far to earn a decent living and have got great at what they do in the pond, adhering to the fishing regulations also mean you look out for the ghillie that is assisting you as his job may be on the line if you choose to be up to no good.Make the ghillie your friend and trust in their understanding of the pond alongside your ability and confidence to land the heaviest fish and you have for your yourself the perfect method mix for a chance at MYR11,000.

There you have it. Two easy steps in getting one step closer. What are your chances you may wonder?

Well, though we were not aiming for the prize, the competitive vibe in the atmosphere was evident. Getting into top 30 meant the minimum weight of the Mekong Catfish or Iridescent Shark (the league is for heaviest of only both species of fish) needed to be 29lbs, the heaviest we caught for the day was 27lbs. We were targeting Pacu’s at most seated in an area of the pond where fishes were much smaller in size, therefore, at the right place and right time, there definitely is a chance to get into the top 30, easily.

Enjoy the photos of fishes we caught that day and the video at the end of this post. If the monthly cash and prizes of Hulu Langat Fishing Resort does interest you then we recommend you give it a shot, all in all, you will have a good time regardless. We know we did.

Naweshad with his Pacu, caught just the day before
Dad and his Bighead Carp
Naweshad delighted with the continous catch of his target species; the Pacu

My one and only 19lbs Mekong Catfish
Dad’s second species for the day
The heaviest one for the day! The Mekong River Catfish at 27lbs! Congratulations Dad!
Some of the friendly Ghillie

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