Plan B: The Natural Exotic Pond bait options… They work like magic! 

There are a lot of misconceptions about fishing and the famous one would have to be on endlessly waiting for a fish to bite, instantly turning away the restless and impatient. Good news! That is not entirely true.

We do face such moments from time to time and blaming it on “luck” seems apt however with the correct knowledge on the species of fish being targeted as well as the fishing spot, waiting on a bite could end up being an instant hook-up from a cast. The Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond (NEFFP) in Rawang, Malaysia is a great place to induce beginners with an explosive fish fight that would leave them addicted to the sport.

If you remember Raymond and Maryanne that helped us on our first leg of the Krabi road trip, they decided to join us, along with their friends Sham and his wife Rosni, for a fishing trip to the NEFFP. Raymond has had prior experience fishing a couple of years ago, however, it will be a first for the rest. Definitely a first for them all, attempting the Red Tail Catfishes of the NEFFP.

An unexpected situation greeted us at the pond, our bait of choice, small catfishes, were not available therefore we had to try out whichever bait we could get our hands on for the day from the pond. Common carp known locally as Lampam, cut into 1-inch sizes, Chicken Liver and a packet of method mix. As we have not attempted any of these bait before, we were confident with the chicken liver from knowledge of it’s  effectiveness in freshwater fishing.

The Carp pieces worked only on the first few minutes however the rest of the day saw chicken liver bait reigning supreme. The method mix was good too, Naweshad focused on that and had some good fights albeit ending with snapped lines. Raymond and Sham both had a taste of the excitement and one of them (Raymond) is more than just hooked on the sport now. Our trip saw a variety of Red Tail catfish as well as the Sultan Fish.

Raymond and Maryanne went back to the NEFFP on their own the following week and caught an Amazon Red Tail as well as two sizable Asian Red Tail. From their personal experience, the cut catfish available on that day were not effective, once more, chicken liver reigned supreme. On your next trip to NEFFP, get yourself the effective Plan B, chicken liver from the freezer right by the drinks. Then have for yourself an explosive good time!

Take a look at the photos of our productive trip as well as Raymond and Maryanne’s and you can watch the video of us in action with brand new bait options at the end of this post. For a more details on the pond; of cost, location, fishing spot and budget, read my first entry on the Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond here


The first fish inspiring adrenaline in all of us


Sham’s first Amazon Red Tail Catfish… his very first fish altogether!


Raymond’s slippery experience with the Sultan Fish


The fiesty Asian Red Tail


Finally. One for myself.


Raymond & Maryanne’s productive day fishing. Proving the NEFFP is a delight for everyone.


Raymond landing his second Asian Red Tail


A sizable one too!


The catfish and chicken liver bait from Raymond and Maryanne’s trip


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