MCT Lake Tour Peacock Bass Challenge 2016

Since its inception in 2009, the Monsoon Casting Tournament (MCT) has held many angling events targeting famous local species like the Snakehead, Peacock Bass and Hampala Barb yearly. With support from Tourism Perak and Tourism Malaysia, a Peacock Bass challenge was held in Kampung Beng’s Tasik Chenderoh from the 26th to the 28th of August 2016.

MCT Banner
The banner displaying all sponsors for the event.

Having had a fruitful trip to Kg. Beng and fallen head over heels for the location, we jumped at the opportunity to support the event when approached by the MCT management team; we were thrilled to be on the panel of sponsors for a location we so strongly believed in. The MCT Lake Tour Peacock Bass (PB) Challenge 2016 was a product of careful planning from the MCT, the team of Mini Amazon Kg. Beng and the Kg. Beng Homestay Corporation to promote Kg. Beng as one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Perak, Malaysia.

The winning categories for the angling tournament includes King of Peacock Bass, King of Snakehead, King of Hampala Barb, Best Captain and many more. The following are some of the winners.

  • King of Peacock Bass: Muhammad Faiz B. Umor (44 cm.)
  • King of Snakehead: Wong Taek Hwa (70 cm.)
  • King of Hampala Barb: Zul Fazli Mat Rawi (55cm.)
  • Best Captain: Izham Amry B. Johari (Most species caught)


With a total of 125 participants for various categories including a casting competition open to all and a colouring competition for the children, 30 boats set out to fish and caught a total of 37 fish. Most importantly, the event was a success, shedding light to Kg. Beng’s amazing hospitality and MCT’s goal of bringing anglers together yearly for the love of fishing local species paired with a good cause for Tourism.

If you are interested to look into the yearly local competitions from the MCT, visit their Facebook page, MCT Official. Be sure to check out their next competition, the talked-about  MCT Tasik Kenyir happening this weekend from the 10th to the 13th of December 2016! We wish MCT all the very best and look forward to more exciting local events for the community!

For an insight on our trip to Kg. Beng, read about it here!

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