Looking back and casting forward

Indeed, we did not have an article for January. 2017 has been a busy year for us thus far, sleepless nights, constant back-aches and longing another beach holiday are signs that business is doing good. As a husband and wife team, with Naweshad having a day job he absolutely loves and I strongly support, most of what is done for The Milkfish Lady is done by yours truly – and I love it. This also means, Naweshad and I do not get a lot of free weekends to rest however if you’re an angler, you will understand when we say, that is O.K!

2016 ended on a high for us, we caught a total of 601 fish, 518 of which were released. These numbers are important as our focus is on the art of Catch & Release, it is something we strongly advocate – responsible fishing. We started our very first Youth Fishing programme in 2016 and today, we are busy with a new batch of beginners and have started an intermediate session too.

The Milkfish Lady Catch Report 2016

We are extremely proud of our Youth Fishing programme, being the first in Malaysia (if not Southeast Asia), it took us two years to learn, practice and improve upon the art of Sport Fishing with regulations set forth by organisations like the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA), making this programme a reality for our youth. We are still learning, still improving, and this is also possible thanks to the individuals and schools that are willing to take a chance with us.

Our tours in 2016 introduced us to amazing individuals from all over the world and all walks of life, some with prior fishing experience and others, bold enough to try something new (and end up hooked!). The Giant Grouper experience still stands as our best tour yet.

We do have a few exciting updates coming up, we were recently on a super-yacht sailing from Malaysia to some islands in Thailand, fishing was very much involved though in a more relaxed, laid back, spoilt brat setting. We still are in the process of snapping back to reality, getting our words together to share the adventure with all of you. Our intermediate youth programme is venturing into more local ponds with an added variety of species, techniques and new experiences.  When it comes down to deep sea fishing, we have some interesting news to share later on in the year, hoping everything goes as planned of course!

All in all, Thank You. Yes YOU. For taking the time to read what we have to share, for trusting our views and all the hard work we put into the sport and advocating responsible fishing techniques alongside supporting sustainable fishing options. There is still a lot for us to do and a long way to go, especially for a husband and wife team.  Now if you have yet to do so… fish with us!

Dear beach holiday, we miss you…but we love our job. -Shamin & Naweshad

2 thoughts on “Looking back and casting forward

  1. Hi Shamin/Naweshad. Its fantastic to know you have really took the effort to keep this site so well updated and the activities that goes with it. Not to mention the Youth Fishing Programme which i dare say is absolutely wonderful and i concur should be the 1st in this region! Keep the good work going!
    On the same note, would like to know more of the Youth Fishing Programme and the the activities that’ve lined up. Hope to hear more about it. Cheers.

    1. Dear Simon, thank you very much for your kind words and support. We love hearing from our readers and are delighted that you appreciate what we do. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any enquiries on our services. More updates are on its way and we hope you will find those useful too! Thank you! – Shamin

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