Where were we?

It has been awhile but here is a quick update of what we have been up to. We  will still be publishing the updates from June – September 2017 but it is important for our readers to be informed on why updates have been delayed!

Unfortunately, a freak accident that took place in July had us shutting down The Milkfish Lady for almost two months (not fishing related) and we will be sharing more about that with all of you once we find some time to put it all together in words, as an awareness and to be better prepared in an event it happens to anyone else in Malaysia (God Forbid!).

That aside, we have been fully booked since opening in September! From holding our very first Fishing Birthday Party to Saturday Sessions meeting new families and fishing with amazing young anglers. We have also just started Term 1 of  Sport Fishing Training for this year!

Currently, we are fully booked for October and November but will soon open some dates in December before the holidays. Best way to be updated on available dates is to

  1. Contact us and have your name added into the list for sessions in December
  2. Follow our Social Media pages.

Whilst we are on the Social Media topic, let it be known that we have been having issues loading updates on Instagram but are working to get it solved as soon as we can. Once it is, updates will be pouring in on that platform to keep up with our Facebook page.

Our Facebook page, The Milkfish Lady is still the best platform for the most current updates on all our trips.

Prior to closing for two months, we completed an amazing number of sessions with families and kids, met a lot of interesting people and travellers therefore I cannot wait to find some time to share all their amazing fishing stories with you. Unfortunately, (or fortunately), finding time to write is proving to be the biggest challenge as fishing takes up so much of our time, and quite frankly, we love it!

As much as my husband Naweshad lends a helping hand with my team on our sessions, all social media updates which includes video and photography are done solely by myself. Writing takes some time and attention to detail, more so now when I need to transport myself back to those sessions and recall the highlights to share. It is a lovely journey I must say, I find myself smiling and if in public, risking the judgement that I am insane. Then again, many smile to their laptops these days, we have all lost it.

To those of you that have been texting, emailing and sending in online forms throughout the two months we were away, thank you for all your enquiries and patience, giving us sufficient time to get back to all of you, scheduling all your trips in and finally, joining us for an exciting session with your families.

I must, must, must, give a special shoutout to all the families in Mont Kiara. The largest community to support our programme, from family sessions to deep sea trips, all of you are inspiring me to move to Mont Kiara! I must admit, I was a little worried when we   sent out our first announcement in September for family sessions but the overwhelming response from Mont Kiara’s community of parents had me in tears – it brought back our sessions and made up for the two months we were away. I cannot thank the adventurous and outgoing families enough.

With that, keep a lookout for more of our trips, coming your way soon. For families that joined us from June to September, hang in there guys, updates will be rolling in on this page in the weeks to come.  Until then, keep your lines tight and happy fishing!


Preview of updates coming your way soon!


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