April showers bring May Fish!

May was filled with a lot of lessons, in all ways one can define the term Lesson. The plan of opening up our Youth sessions to the public was an idea we wished we thought of earlier!

We had a continous amount of enquiries once our ad was posted on various sites, I was getting Private Messages throughout the night, most of which between Midnight to 3:00 a.m which I found interesting as they were all from mothers. It got me thinking if Mum’s found quiet time for social media and planning during those hours! We are normally up and working on our laptops so I was more than happy to be replying to interested parents.

Before we knew it, we were packing our gears every Friday night to meet with new families, and some of our regulars on Saturday mornings. I cannot begin to describe how infectious it is to see adrenaline and happiness engulf individuals when they catch their first fish, and when it is a Child, that feeling grows tenfolds; we are now experiencing this every weekend and it makes Friday Night gear preparations more exciting than parties with friends! (Yep, you read that right.)

Here are some of the lovely families we fished with in May!

Phil, his wife Vanessa and their kids Sam and Maya are a family that will be tough for us to forget. Only because, in the spirit of learning lessons in May (which we realised in June!), little Maya has taught us a very important lesson. She came by for our session with one arm in a cast. We have yet to say NO to a child that is interested and keen to fish, we were not about to say NO to the Grifo’s either. If parents feel that their child can make the most of the session and they have that belief, then we should hop on that bandwagon and see it succeed with their support. We were however thinking hard on how we could plan the day to ensure everyone gets the most of the session and learn enough to be independent on their next trip fishing in Jugra.

We did not need to worry after all as  Maya’s adventurous spirit was so strong, it was infectious! With assistance from Dad and our team, Maya was on a roll catching Barramundi’s, getting bites from reeling in the soft plastic bait with one hand and still achieving desired swim results! Maya was also able to do so because she had the best kind of support, her dad Phil,  as her other arm.

In the other corner is Maya’s big brother, Sam, he had a quiet confidence despite struggling to get a bite in the initial stages. We made an observation of the youths in our session and it’s young anglers like Sam that will surprise you, he never gave up, he was independent and before you know it, he lands the BIGGEST Barramundi of the day, stunning us all!

He then moved on to catch a Grouper and land it without any assistance! His Grouper was the third landed on a triple hook up, first by his sister Maya then Mum Vanessa who was on a roll that day too, what a family!


Another quiet young angler is Mary, she is no stranger to our updates. Mary has joined us on some of our earliest trips, catching and bringing home fish, understanding sustainable fishing options. This was Mary’s first experience in Catch and Release and she caught the second biggest Barramundi of the day! Barramundi is a species she is all too familiar with, then she asks, “Can we bring the fish home?”, sending us all roaring with laughter.


Mark and Patrick joined us twice, we gave Patrick a lighter rod option but with the experience he has gained, it proved to be no challenge at all for him.  On their second session with dad-daughter Gary and Emma, who also completed our Youth Training programme, both Dads found it challenging to keep a Red Drum hooked long enough to land whilst both Patrick and Emma was catching and releasing like Pro Anglers! They make us really proud! It wasn’t (too) long before both Dads manage to catch up by landing Red Drums.


Tushar and Lukesh joined us for another private session. A private session allows us to focus on the child’s strength and weaknesses, then working from there to improve their techniques and skills in the sport. Their mum, Sharlini has been extremely supportive of their love for Sport Fishing, and with every new knowledge and skill they attain, they get excited to share it with their family. It is always lovely having a session with them because like true brothers they have their moments; they disagree at times and get competitive, but when one is struggling to land a fish, the other is always right by to lend a hand, support and ready with the net. It truly doesn’t get sweeter than that!


As you already know, Adrian booked us for the entire month of May. As we write this, his sessions with us has ended and he is now fishing over the weekends on his own and acing it! Adrian’s enquiry started with key words like, “Interested in fishing, not an experienced angler, no equipment, want to know the best way to start”. Today, Adrian’s gear for the big boys are none other than the Ugly Stik GX2 Rod paired with PENN Fierce II Reel in size 5000, our recommendation as the ONLY combination we trust for all our GIANT fishing needs. We sent him options on the 3rd of March and he booked our Sundays out for May and all dates we had left in April. Every Sunday with Adrian has been an exciting journey as we learn together, try different methods, sometimes fail and most days, succeed to achieve the goals we set out to.



May has been a month of lovely lessons and as we grow slow and steady, support from parents and families that are willing to travel an hour away from K.L, into a Malaysian village, to fish with us has been fundamental for our growth. We hope more parents are keen to take their kids out to learn something new, try something different and fish with us!

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