The Milkfish Lady on BFM 89.9 (Podcast attached)

The year has been nothing short of exciting and interesting for our team. Nothing as exciting thus far than the text message I got on a Monday evening. After a rough start to the week, I read another long text which I expected to be from another individual interested to join one of our many fishing sessions; instead, what I quickly understood sprung me out of my chair, eyes wide open, awaken by the acronym BFM.

Many in Malaysia are familiar with BFM, what originally meant Business FM  is one that holds many meanings today, the radio station that focuses on business news and current affairs. We were invited to be interviewed for a segment which airs every Saturday called I Love KL and they wanted to speak about The Milkfish Lady.

We have not had much time to blog and update our followers on the events that has been unfolding for us since the New Year as overwhelming response for our Youth Training Sessions which now run every weekends, Saturdays AND Sundays including a few interesting business opportunities have kept us busy.

The text from BFM however was a breath of fresh air – it was the text that made me stop to think where the last four years has taken us thus far and how everything crazy that has been happening is absolutely worth it. Before you know it, we were at the BFM office on Thursday, the same week, being interviewed for that very Saturday.

On Saturday, 17th of March, 1p.m (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), we were in the car on the way back from training our young anglers in the morning, listening to our interview on BFM.

By 3p.m, my emails and Facebook messages were going insane. To all that listened to our interview on the radio and contacted us right after to sign up for our youth and family-fishing sessions, we got all your messages and will be replying to you over the week. We thank you all for your positive feedback on both the I Love KL interview as well as our business.

For those of you that missed the segment on BFM 89.9, you can listen to the podcast here or catch the repeat broadcast on Tuesday, 20th March, 8.05 p.m (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Ker Wei contacted us and the interview with Haniff was a lovely experience for our team. Thank you guys!
With Haniff Baharudin & Ker Wei from BFM 89.9. Ker Wei contacted us and Haniff worked his magic in the interview. Thank you for having us on the show!





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