Updates, Updates! Read all about it!

We have been on a much needed break for the past few weeks however cannot wait to get back to work. So much has happened in Malaysia, most of which were a delight to experience in this day and age!

We kick off this weekend with a Fishing Birthday Party before getting ready for the Summer break. Looking forward to fish with young anglers and their families, introducing them to the practice of Catch & Release, watching their excitement from catching Barramundi and seeing them transform into Sport Fishing anglers.

We also look forward to the season all anglers in Malaysia anticipate… SAILFISH! There was news that the Sailfish, in abundance, has decided to visit a little earlier this year in Kuala Rompin therefore Naweshad and I, along with some friends, decided to see for ourselves if this was true. Unfortunately, it did not meet expectations, knowing what Sailfish season looks like; explosion of Sails on the surface of the South China Sea, it was a little too quiet and evidently, too early!

Nonetheless, a trip to Kuala Rompin does not disappoint. With teamwork, our friend James landed a juvenile Blue Marlin for his Birthday and 15 year old Ryan who has been training with us lands himself a stunning Sailfish. We have a few more trips planned and if all goes well, we hope to add more Sailfish and deep sea species into our Fish Statistics for this year.

We have plans for an intermediate fishing programme, yes Parents we heard you! We hope to cast that option out once the holidays are over, around the same time as our Beginner Sport Fishing programme for the new school term. If your child has completed the beginner sessions with us, drop us an email so we can add you to the mailing list for the intermediate session if you are keen!

There you have it, updates for what we have planned next and ideas we are casting out to try.   If you would like to join us for a fishing trip or have a Fishing Birthday Party during the Summer holidays, do drop us a message through the contact form on this website or via Private Message on our Facebook page.

We look forward to fishing with you!

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