Is it an Office? Is it a Fishing Shop? WHAT IS IT?

We have been running ethical fishing sessions for kids, families and adults for eight years and I did not envision us finally having a space, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city, in a quaint and charming building known as Wisma Central.

Despite having lived in the city for six years, I, like many, did not take notice of Wisma Central- passing it at least 10 times in a week, it somehow got lost amongst the tall, bright, flashy buildings around it. From the Petronas Twin Towers to Four Seasons, Avenue K and soon, Oxley Towers.

If not for the first lockdown and Movement Control Order in Malaysia, I would not have discovered Wisma Central. Constrained to only 10 kilometres, we took a walk once a week which encompasses our grocery run- this, to just breathe again (whilst wearing a mask). Lo’ and behold, I see this old, charming building; funny, unlike most dated buildings in Malaysia, this was surprisingly well kept. We decided to have a look inside, fell absolutely in love and the rest is history.

So here we are, on the third floor (or second if you’re taking the lift), Unit 3.30, in a quiet corner- The Milkfish Lady. The initial space was a mess, it was dark, we did not have a ceiling, everything was exposed but boy, was it an exciting journey for us. We knew what we wanted out of it; a place where anyone and everyone could come by, be intrigued, learn about the Ocean and allow us to share the experience with them, ethically. We needed a space friendly to both the kids and adults. It shall be our office, an ethical fishing shop (not one that overwhelms you with endless products) AND, a space where kids can be comfortable learning in, whilst adults can have their relaxing cup of coffee. All of that, in just 237 square feet.

I would like to welcome you, to The Milkfish Lady, where it is all the above…and a little more.

Drop by for a cup of coffee, good conversation, your next fishing purchase or to book a trip with us. We look forward to fishing with you and your family!


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