The Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond – From Rawang to Behrang

We had mixed feelings about this one. The closest freshwater Sport Fishing pond to K.L City is moving to another state, Perak to be exact. The Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond (NEFFP) in Rawang was the cure to our stress from the city, our quick fix for a worthy battle with freshwater giants hailing from all over the world; its most popular, the Amazon Redtail Catfish.

Driving down to Rawang on a Monday morning to cover the move was a tad bit difficult, I was to arrive at 8 a.m but felt if I pushed it a little, I won’t need to deal with the closure so soon. At 10a.m, I arrived in time to cover the move of species from the pond to various recovery pools by size.

Chloe (Ms. Cham) was taking count of all species being carried out. With a clever technique using nets, ropes and a few sticks, the staff of NEFFP began pushing the variety of species into a collection area where they are picked out by hand, loaded into the blue tubs we are all too familiar with, carried onto the old trucks we saw once in awhile when fishing, and off to recovery at ponds located nearby. Fish weighing 10kg and above were placed in the sheltered recovery pools, ready for the new location.

I could not be more thankful that we were covering the event that day, it also gave us insight on what species truly lurk beneath the murky waters, putting an end to the myth that the NEFFP does not have any fish left in it.

Pacu, Chao Phraya Catfish, Mekong Catfish, Alligator Gar, Indian Carp and a lot more were emerging from the depths. This two month long process has surprised us on Day 1 and the size of those species were jaw dropping. How on earth have we spent the last three years fishing this pond and not seen a single Chao Phraya Catfish?

Our team has landed the Spotted Sorubim, Wallago Attu, African Catfish, Alligator Gar, Indian Carp, Sultan Fish, Mekong Catfish, Iridescent Shark and of course, Redtail and Asian Redtail. In 2016, we landed a total of 43 Redtails. With business thankfully picking up for us this year, we closed our trip to NEFFP Rawang with 27 Redtails and 13 Asian Redtails. That’s not all, my Redtail record of 18kg was beaten by my own student Patrick in our intermediate Youth Fishing Programme, with a weight of 18.2 kg’s; as luck would have it, my second last visit broke his record too, finally, a 20kg Redtail record for myself. (Sorry Patrick!)

In just 3 hours, more than 300 Asian Redtails alone were removed from the main pond. We saw fish over 20kg and lost count of the species. To help you better understand the process and what happened during our visit, we decided to Vlog (Video Blog) for the first time and share the experience with all of you.  We will bring you more of the move over the next two months- exciting times for the Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond.

For more videos, including a preview of the brand new Natural Exotic Fishing Pond in Behrang, visit our YouTube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe for all our latest updates!

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