Marlins in March & much more!

The month of March has kept us on our toes. Two Youth Programmes running every Saturday, covering Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond’s move from Rawang to Behrang, our own deep sea trip which blew us away and tours, March gave us very little time off and we loved it.

The Milkfish Lady Youth Fishing Programme (Intermediate)We have just ended our Intermediate Youth Fishing Programme and it was amazing seeing how much they have grown. Ryan, Michael and Patrick have been with us since the launch of our beginner programme with their school and today, their skills in the sport is impeccable. We always say that we can train the world but without interest in the sport, it’ll go nowhere. These boys not only love fishing, they love and appreciate the different species and nature, each of them with their own special skill that complements the other. We secretly hope these boys will grow up fishing together no matter where life take them, and keep on being responsible when it comes down to fish handling. I guess that’s not a secret anymore.

The struggle is real. With so much happening, finding time to juggle all of social media’s needs proves to be tough. I’m not trained in any of it, taking it one step at a time with trusty ol’ Google and trying hard to reach the audience that care about what we do. Recently, we have had requests for our youth programme to reach more  kids in Malaysia and we have been gearing up to take it on. Increased interest on our Youth Programmes tells us we’re headed in the right direction.


We met Calle from Sweden this month, though we were initially unable to accept the tour, Calle’s enthusiasm and perseverance inspired us to push on despite six back to back tasks lined up for the week and a deep sea trip right after to pack for. We were exhausted, with only eight hours of sleep in three days, we soldiered on and true to our gut, Calle’s love for the sport gave us the energy needed to keep going.

It is not often that a fellow angler takes up our tour, most of the time it is beginners that get hooked with us but with Calle, the adrenaline, excitement and ideas were refreshing and infectious. We then invited him on our closing trip to Rawang’s Natural Exotic, which we have visited three times the week before with our young anglers as well as father-daughter duo Rizal and Ayesha, friends who have been supportive of what we do. It brings a smile to our faces when we see parents enjoy the sport with their children, there truly is nothing better than experiencing calm, patience, that sudden surge of adrenaline and losing one’s mind when a fish is at the end of the line with family.


A call from our beloved Captain Charles had us packing our gears for Rompin. We had two friends with us, Mark and Paul, the “Virgins”, Sailfish Virgins of course, a term coined by Capt. Charles for his trips. Mark and Paul has been supportive of us and we figured, what better way than to invite them on the trip to experience the deep seas of Malaysia with the craziest anglers put together to show our appreciation.

Sailfish, Marlins, Spanish Mackerels, Sweetlips, Triggerfish and more! The trip surpassed our expectations. Paul got lucky and reeled in two Marlins on this trip, released safely. Mark, after countless tries finally managed to land and release his first Sailfish and also caught a stunning Mackerel. Naweshad, well, we managed a leader-landing of his Sailfish which he battled very hard for on the Ugly Stik GX 2 Ice Rod.  Have we lost our minds? Well, when the Captain says “go for it”, we go all the way for it.  With the same tiny yet mighty rod, I landed a Spanish Mackerel too. Occasionally, whilst Sabiki jigging for bait, we would hook a tiny fish known as Sweetlips, on this trip which took us to the famous Karang Luas of Rompin, we saw a much much larger one, caught by a fellow Singaporean, John – a friend of our now Singaporean Captain, Charles.


I have a lot of exciting videos pending and once I get the time to sit down and edit, it’ll start swimming your way. We are excited for the month of April, a lot of interesting events are happening for us and I do not wish to ruin the surprise.

The Milkfish Lady Youth Programme (Beginner)
Beginner Youth Anglers

We will be back in Singapore for the first and the second weekend of April so if you’re in town, don’t be a stranger! The event most anglers in Malaysia is looking forward to will be taking place on the last week of April, the Angling and Outdoor Recreational Fair 2017, happening at the Setia City Convention Centre. We conclude our Beginner Youth Programme this weekend and we are excited to see how our young anglers will perform this time.

For those still interested in our tours, programmes or just want to fish with us, our dates are filling up fast. We look towards growing our team right and opening up more dates to accommodate, hopefully soon. We thank you very much for believing in us – we would not be where we are today without your support and where we are now is many nautical miles from where we began. To many more nautical miles ahead! Woohoo!

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