David Foster, Expensive Yachts & Very Big Fish!

We managed to take a break the first two weekends in April after completing our Beginner Youth Session for Term 2 and headed back home to Singapore for the Singapore International Jazz Festival, better known as SingJazz as well as the Singapore Yacht Show 2017.

SingJazz was also a Birthday surprise for Naweshad, back in December 2016 as David Foster and Friends were performing. We all know David has some very good friends. Over the next few months, Brian McKnight, who happens to be Naweshad’s most favourite artist in the universe was announced as part of the “Friends” line-up so the Birthday surprise worked better than I planned. It couldn’t get any better, could it?

We stayed in Singapore for a night at the only place we normally do, The Sultan Hotel, I call it Home these days. It’s a stunning boutique hotel, rich with history, right in the heart of Kampong Glam. It is also surrounded by some of the best meals you could get in Singapore, from the talked-about Bone Marrow dish known locally as Tulang which stains your fingers red from food colouring, to some stunning cup of tea from an old Indian-Muslim tea shop, one of Singapore’s best Biryani in Islamic Restaurant and the competitive Murtabak (pan-fried stuffed bread) restaurants ZamZam and Victory, the choice of which Murtabak/restaurant is entirely yours to make.

The hotel’s location is loved by both locals and tourists alike, but most of all, by Anglers as the streets are lined with some of the best Fishing Tackle shops in Singapore. Everything works when we’re staying at The Sultan Hotel. We more than highly recommend it if you’re planning a trip to Singapore.

We bumped into friends Roze and Jules at SingJazz then decided to spend the evening with them. If you’re a Singaporean that went to SingJazz then when I say, Roze, you probably knew how our evening ended up. With David Foster teasing the crowd, looking for someone to come on stage and sing his song, Naweshad, Jules and Myself yelled our lungs out for Roze to be picked. Roze, in our opinion and many, is a talented woman who more than just “can sing”. A very pregnant Roze (now proud Mother to Raqeem Omar Hasan! Woohoo!) was picked to go on stage to sing with David Foster and for 10 seconds, David looked at me and asked “What’s her name?”, and I, quite confidently said, “Rozie”.

It’s ROZE. Things happen when David Foster looks you in the eye for a conversation. Yep, a conversation was what happened between us for 10 seconds. Nonetheless, Roze blew the crowd away, naturally, and the rest is history.

Brian McKnight stepped on stage and I lost my husband for the entire duration Brian was singing. I have never seen Naweshad look at anyone with so much adoration and glimmer in his eyes. He probably doesn’t even adore Fishing as much as he does Brian McKnight. The first weekend of April was a Birthday surprise success.


The next weekend was as exciting if not more as we got to experience the Singapore Yacht Show for the first time, it will also be our first step to learning and understanding more about boats as we are keen in purchasing one for ourselves. From Boston Whaler to Grand Banks, Beneteau and Princess, we left more confused than when we got there.

We were however dealing with a lovely Broker who got us VIP tickets to the show, she was accommodating and extremely understanding to our lack of knowledge in boats and  comparatively to other Brokers we spoke to, she was the one we could connect with best. If you are looking for a boat, then drop us a message, I highly recommend the broker we have been dealing with and would be happy to share her contact.


The Singapore Yacht Show 2017 was something we wanted to indulge in as once we got back to Kuala Lumpur, all our weekends up till July 2017 would now go to training, tours and Sport Fishing work. We are always excited to take it on and send adrenaline sky rocketing, as long as individuals are willing to get hooked to the Sport Fishing experience.

Fishing in April started with us testing the Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond in Behrang once we arrived back. We did not get much rest however dived straight into Vlogging our experience, from buying dead bait in Pudu to driving an hour to Behrang, setting up and having an adrenaline pumping good time fishing Redtails, Asian Redtails, Pacu and even an Alligator Gar. As it was a private pond-test session for us, we had the entire pond to ourselves however visitors were free to come in and watch us battle the feisty Catfish. The aches and pains followed us for days after! (Watch our Vlog here!)


We met Adrian Hill, an expat based in Malaysia who has booked five sessions with us. We started him out slow and easy with some Barramundi and Grouper, it was important to work on basic skills before we pursue much larger battles and as Adrian has had some prior fishing experience, getting back on track was easy. On the next session, we got him hooked on some Giant Groupers, talk about MUCH larger battles!


We held a little event for Naweshad’s company in support of bringing people together through activities. We got the support of our sponsors and could set up tents and promotional banners for the event. It is important for people to understand that Sport Fishing is a Sport and in any Sport, teamwork is important.

Teamwork is also essential for any company to flourish. Naweshad’s colleagues were very supportive of each other, there was a level of adoration and care that came through and it was beautiful. I am delighted we got the opportunity to host this event, introducing most of them to Sport Fishing. Did we mention it was family-friendly too?


Bright and early the next morning, we were off again to meet with Tushar and Lukesh, two brothers being introduced to basic Sport Fishing, we shared enough knowledge for them to come back and fish on their own. Their lovely mother, Sharlini, booked a session with us  as they naturally have an interest in the sport. It is always lovely to explain the sport, species and techniques to children who are keen to learn, it puts all the knowledge we have gained and training to good use. Tushar and Lukesh started attracting, landing and releasing fish in no time!



Naweshad had a team outing planned months back for his own team, something we have been doing for a few years now. We took one of his teams out fishing, this time to catch and Barbecue. We drove over to Morib Beach and found a lovely location to set up. When I say Morib Beach, most locals would cringe however, if you have no plans of swimming and the goal is to have a few good people together for a delicious Barbecue and some fun on a weekend, Morib Beach has some stunning areas for it.


April ended with the Angling and Outdoor recreational fair 2017 held at the Setia City Convention Centre. We almost missed it however managed to drop by for a meeting with the now-retired Editor of Rod & Line Magazine Malaysia, CS Fong, to personally collect the May 2017 Issue of Rod & Line from him, in it was my first article I wrote for them. We wrote about the move of Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond Behrang along with what you could expect from its new location. If you have yet to get a copy, get yours now!

The First page of our four-page article on the NEFFP Behrang
The first page of our four-page article in Rod & Line’s May 2017 Issue.

Our friend Chris Tan introduced me to CS Fong (albeit Virtually via WhatsApp) and proclaimed that I would be writing for Rod & Line. In all honestly, I have never planned to as my demographic is different than that of the magazine and was caught by surprise. For months I had to think of something to write and figured, the NEFFP’s move would be something that even the locals may find interesting. As a token of appreciation and believe in my writing, this was one way for me to thank Chris for that sudden introduction.  CS Fong has retired from Rod & Line and i’m happy that we got the chance to work with him.

April has certainly been an exciting month. Our plan is to free our weekends for the Youth Session in May and allow more children to fish with us instead of limiting it to private or school sessions only. This way, we hope to reach more children and  share the experience with them. Fishing is one of those rare sports where kids get up close and personal with nature, and in all that adrenaline, they truly forget their devices. This would also mean a lot of hard work from our end, to get the word out and hope parents are open to the idea of their child getting hooked to the sport- because when they do, it’ll be one of the only things they want to keep doing. If you ask us, that is a very good thing! Anything that gets the child off the gadget and into nature is a positive.

Our sessions imparts the sufficient basic knowledge of Sport Fishing to get them going on their own, fishing responsibly. They will be able to fish without us, so as long as they have their gears and parents are willing to take them. The misconception is that, they will always need to keep signing up for the sessions however, they only need to if there’s an area they require guidance or a little more exposure to the sport, or would like to make new Sport Fishing friends – otherwise, get the training and off they go fishing like a pro! We are always available any time our young anglers require support in the Sport!

I’m not sure if April showers bring May flowers in Malaysia but it certainly has been showering heavily in May instead – hopefully, the weather makes for good Sport Fishing this month!

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